The matter of the ending still confuses people with the scheme of a hypothesis, which is little compatible to the others. None of them gives us an unquestionable answer. It is true that traces of huge fires have been found but it is not easy to date them and interpret them. Many of those fires appeared to have been methodically prepared.

Many archeologists attribute the invasion and destruction of Teotihuacan to warrior nomad tribes from the North. We know the city was not fortified and it has never been assured that it possessed a true army. On the other hand, the adepts of the hypothesis of the invasion and drought of Teotihuacan date this happening towards the beginning of the VII century even before, around the year 500, this time is usually considered as Teotihuacan’s peak.

Nonetheless, the majority of the specialists don’t diagnose signs of decadence and wearing out of the Teotihuacan civilization before the VII century. This date could have aroused a new aristocratic caste that would be a rival to the priests, it would have formed its own theocratic norms and would have been practiced with ambition of power and personal enrichment, a sort of government that if it wasn’t authoritarian, it would at least be oppressing and more harsh, which would provoke over a long period of time, an unbalanced and unorganized civilization. The rivalries and struggles in the breast of the priest class, an overpopulation harder to feed each time; hunger, bad harvests, even a possible climatic alteration that would harm the agriculture that helped the separation of the town from the City of the Gods: all this chain of causes and effects could have originated the disintegration of the glorious metropolis.

This and other conjectures hope that our incomplete knowledge and understanding of the remote Pre-Columbine past, progresses some day. One thing only appears to be certain, in the beginnings of the VIII century, Teotihuacan, partially destroyed, deprived from its priestly elite and religious substance, abandoned by the majority of its inhabitants, Survived with a dark existence. The capital of the Fifth Sun had concluded its splendid course and had started it’s descend towards the dark night, future of every greatness. For the XX century of the Christian era, the most pure point of focus of the civilization of ancient Mexico is still being a fascinating opened quarry in a flank of history.

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