In Mexico City, the house of the diligence were located in the alley of Dolores, later called the first street of independence which currently is the street of “16 de Septiembre” in Mexico City’s historical downtown. The chariots were parked right there, these chariots would travel two routes: the interior one, that went to Tlanepantla, Queretaro, Toluca, Cuernavaca and Cuautla and the route of Veracruz that took you to the main port and also to Jalapa and Pachuca. Late at night, towards 3:30 A.M., the diligence was lined up and disposed to depart by the pulling of the mules. The framework of the diligence was constructed of wood or iron and it was mounted over four wheels. In the rear, there were the compartments with the luggage and the coachmen, this means the drivers and their helpers occupied the front of the chariot in the exterior seats of the chariot.

In the interior there were forward seats, central seats, and backward seats. The seats had leather cushions that offered a little comfort to the travelers, since the roads were pretty bad and in the rainy season they were definitely impossible to pass. Since the trip took days, sometimes weeks, the diligence stopped every once in a while so the passengers could stretch out their legs.When it rained it happened frequently, that passengers saw themselves forced to get down and walk whatever was necessary with the mud up to their ankles while they could get the chariot out of the mudhole.


A very difficult situation had to face Anastasio Bustamante, when he assumed the presidency of Mexico in 1837. Santa Anna had left for him a country filled with great problems, one of them public insecurity since the police squads were not enough to keep an eye on the streets and the few police officers that were around were also corrupt. Around that time, Juan Yanez, was sent to be executed, he was the leader of a group of thieves who robbed a diligence. He was a colonel at the same time.

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