In the Nahua cosmogony, Quetzalcoatl, has various names and attributes. He is the god that transforms death into life, the carnal into divine and the instinctive into the civilized. It synthesizes the most important cultural complex of the Nahua world, the one that properly originated the great Aztec civilization. Thanks to the sacrifice of this god, human beings received life.

The sacrifice includes, the journey he made to Mictlan which is the region the dead, adventure that is left manifest in the legend of the suns. According to this the god takes off towards that region in the search of precious bones that will be useful for the creation of mankind.

Mictlantecutli, lord of the region of the dead where there were no doors or windows, puts him through a test and hinders him from taking the bones of past generations. Quetzalcoatl helped by his bees and worms finally is able to take the bones with him. He conducts them to Tamoanchan, where with some help of Quilaztli, makes them germinate, grinds them and puts them on a precious vase. Over the vase he makes his virile member bleed to inspire life to them. From there derives the title of mazehuales, given to man, which means, the deserved by penitence.

After creating mankind, Quetzalcoatl, guides them and is in charge of feeding them. The black ant asks; where is the corn? And this takes him to Tonacatepetl which is known as the hill of sustenance, where he gives the corn to them. Afterwards the god teaches Nahuas to cultivate it, giving agriculture its origin.

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