According to historian Luis Gonzalez, the struggle for Mexican Independence followed three roads. The first one was of the legal sophistries that were followed in 1808, when the creoles through the philosophical and juridical speeches, argued the illegality of the Metropolis and the juridical legal age of the colony. The second road was the one of weapons, that since 1810 showed the capacity of liberation the colony and the third was the one that reasoned cultural and intellectual maturity of the colony, evidently by the accumulation of richness and wisdom of thoughts.

Jose Mariano Beristain de Souza proposed in 1790 to convince the Spanish that in the cultural Novo Hispanic branch was at least similar to the tree of Spanish culture. The bookkeeper Beristain from Puebla took 20 years in writing The Monumental Northern Hispanic American published from 1816 and 1821

Beristain in reality picked up the tradition that Juan Jose Eguiara y Eguren had started in 1755 with its Mexican library, a justification of Mexican culture from the Pre-Hispanic era up to the XVIII century. According to the intellectual conditions that displayed the bibliography of Beristain, it was against nature that New Spain depended on the old one. Beristain had two dreams: making of New Spain the metropolis of the Spanish empire and moving the pontifical site from Rome to the Villa de Guadalupe in Mexico.

Nonetheless in 1810, he preferred the comfortable life of the cleric to the atrocious persecution of the insurgent liberators, and from a pulpit he gave a sermon to the people parish in favor of the realists.

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