The streets of historic Mexican downtown had been a inexhaustible source of legends and traditions of the colonial life. Transmitted by oral tradition first and then consecrated by historians and chroniclers since the middle of the XIX century, it becomes hard to untangle historical reality from popular imagination.

An example of this is the case is the one of a mourning lady that used to scare away the dwellers from the noisy “Jauregui Mansion”, that was located in the disappeared alley of Mecaperos. Artemio del Valle Arizpe (a famous writer and historian) tells that first a group of nuns ran away scared, they had been staying there during the Religious Reform: the moaning apparition had showed herself to them , wrapped in a robe under in which she hid a baby and ruby medallion, they sold the house and then it was bought by a bookkeeper, Jose Herrera, when the night moans began, and the apparitions and the mysterious lights , his practical ways convinced Herrera, that there was a treasure buried. One night, while he was digging helping by himself by the rods of Saint Ignacio that pointed to the place where the gold was , he heard clearly a voice from the beyond that warned him; “ There is no treasure here, and what is hidden you shall not find , don’t dig anymore”. Of course Herrera listened to whoever spoke to him with a lot of certainty and he left behind the treasure and at the same time, the house also. The legend gets up to here.

In 1881, the municipal council sent to have the houses of the mentioned alley, knocked down to amplify the street of 5 de Mayo, when they were demolishing the abandoned house of the Jaureguis, they knocked down a wall and found a sandwiched mummy of a woman among the walls, between her arms she was carrying a baby and in her cracked and rugged chest, she had rubies in a gold medallion, they were stained with blood. An investigation discovered the secret of the woman immured alive, Ms. Ines de Jauregui, a rich heir, had met Pedro Solares in one of the many parties that the lady offered to the top selection of the Novo Hispanic society. In love with the gallant opportunist man, she married him without finding out much about his life. Solares was a gambler and fond of women and in a few years he was able to spend all of the enormous fortune of the Jaureguis.

Ms. Ines tired of the bad treatment and excessive feasting of her husband, strengthened up one night in which Solares wanted to rob her from her last piece of jewelry she had been able to save, to support her child. Furious with the strong opposition of Ms. Ines that wouldn’t let go of her child or the jewel, Solares tied her up and dragged her to one of the last rooms, which had been formerly filled with luxury furniture, and he started to cover the mother and the child with stones, one after another. He wanted to see if once she was frightened, she would let go of the jewel. With no regret, Solares covered with plaster the sinister act so he could sell the house. Some time later, he found death himself in a whorehouse fight.

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