A lot has been discussed about the mixture of bloods and races that the Spaniards, differently from other colonizers of America, favored by three centuries of domination. It has been said that the mixture know as “Mestizaje” was able to be made due to a certain tolerance of the Iberian culture, the sort of tolerance that had permitted the coexistence and combinations of Arabs, Jews, and Christians up to the XV century. But you have to consider that aborigines kept an open attitude towards the human being that perhaps conditioned the innocent welcome to the Spanish conquistadors.

At the beginning the children of a legal matrimony between the triumpaht Spaniards and the defeated Indians were considered Spaniards; Mestizos were only the children of Spanish and Indian had in unmarried situation. With the path of time, the terms “Mesitizo and Mestizaje” designated the product of a fusion between the Indian race with the Spanish. However, the fusion didn’t have only these two elements.

Originally there were six ethnic variables in the new world: Indians, Spaniards, Europeans, and American Spaniards (sons of Spanish parents born in the New Spain, later on them would be called creoles), blacks, mulattos (sons of Spanish and Black parents) and Zambos (sons of Indian and Black). Later on, the Chinese and the Malaysians arrived, and progressively the caste groups were formed. With all of these races, The New Spain became the colossal multiethnic and multicultural crucible through which the current Mexican society emerged. Some of the funny names with which this society was designated were:

- Mestizo and Spanish <<<<<<<<<< Castizo
- Spanish and Black <<<<<<<<<<<< Mulatto
- Spanish and Mulatto <<<<<<<<<< Morisco
- Spanish and Morisco <<<<<<<<< Albino
- Spanish and Albino <<<<<<<< << Skip Backwards
- Indian and Skip Backwards <<<<<<<<< Wolf
- Wolf and Indian <<<<<<<<<<<<< Zambayo
- Zambayo and Indian <<<<<<<<<< Cambujo
- Cambujo and Mulatto <<<<<<<<< Albarazado
- Albarazado and Mulatto <<<<<<< Coyote
- Coyote and Indian <<<<<<<<<<<< Chamizo
- Coyote and Mestizo <<<<<<<<<< There You Are

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