Once the great city of Mexico -Tenochtitlan was layed siege on and defeated, since the gold that was collected wasn’t the quantity that Cortes was expecting, he applied torment to Cuauhtemoc, to force him to reveal where the hidden treasure of Moctezuma was. After the inquiry, the conquistador knew that the treasure was sunk in the water the Texcoco Lake and the canals, since the Mexicas tried to save during the siege by throwing it down the lake. Cortes ordered to have it taken out of the bottom of the lake, but what was rescued was only enough to pay the expenses of search of the treasure.

Then the Spaniards gave themselves the task of destroying and profaning the burials of the emperors and main lords, even though they found some gold and some jewelry it wasn’t satisfying for them and their discontent kept growing. Some adventurers that had abandoned their home, family, and homeland, to risk themselves by unknown seas and lands felt let down because at the end of such risky business, they didn’t obtain the expected reward. Besides, the soldiers had all kinds of debts from the loaned horse to the given cures by the doctor and the medicine of the apothecary. They had come for gold and that’s what they wanted. Cortes distributed among them 126,000 castellanos, which was the result of the melted gold. It was so little; some of them didn’t want to take to the money.

The time passed and the situation of the conqueror became more compromising: the soldiers whispered to themselves without stopping, with the certainty that Cortes’ ambition had driven him to hide the gold, since it seemed that Cortes didn’t try to allude himself, they thought of something more drastic, paint the walls of the big house in Coyoacan (Cortes’ house), filling it with insults, the big walls painted with lime were adequate to the protests painted with coal.

Some of them said that rather than to conquer Mexico, they had been conquered by Cortes, others said that just like the sun, the moon and the stars go out of course, God put them back to the course in where they were supposed to be.That way Cortes’ ambition Should go back to the course it should be in, there was poetry about it too: Oh! How sad is the soul of mine until of all the gold that has taken Cortes hidden, shall be seen, at first the conquistador took all of that nicely not paying attention to the accusations in the graffitti, he even was sarcastic and answered writing on the walls: White wall, walls of the stubborn!, and then the next day appeared: Even of truths and wise men! And your majesty will know about it right away! The days passed and the complaints kept rising up from a tone of irony to a tone of insult, until Cortes furiously forbid anybody from writing on the walls of his house and to stop those intrigues, he send the disturbers to missions out of the city .

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