Holiday in Mexico

In words of the Mexican poet Octavio Paz, "Parties are the only luxury we have", and in fact, there is not a day on which, because of the festivity of any saint, or for any other reason, celebrations take place in any part of Mexico, with fireworks, band concerts and popular "verbenas" (with the participation of all inhabitants").

Some popular parties stem from the indigenous celebrations, while others were brought by the Spanish conquerors.

Holiday in Mexico is amazing and We invite all Mexicans that lives outside our borders help us to change the damage face of Mexico. Mexico has a generous, happy and kindly people, just with a little touch, our people sing and dance, a country with old tradition to receive foreigners with the same affection, don’t making any kind of distinction about races, polities or religious ideas, making of Mexico their second land.

To all our web visitors that feel this love for Mexico and the proud of be Mexicans we invite to help us to diffuse this beautiful and friendly face of our country.


The Posada Viena Hotel Staff

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  • Holiday in Mexico
  • Holiday in Mexico
  • Holiday in Mexico
  • Holiday in Mexico
  • Holiday in Mexico
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